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Shenzhen Dhyana is a direct manufacturer and also a leading seller in domestic market. Once you choose to setup a business relationship with Shenzhen Dhyana, besides trading products, we are able & willing to offer more helps for you to win up and hold the market...
  Basic Supports to sellers
Product customization supports
If you think you would like special packaging & your unique trademark on the products to make yourself more identified in the market, it is not difficult for us to customize them as per your expectation.
Certification supports
Related certification works can be provided to sellers for better marketing.
Researching & developing support
If you need continuative & unique products to hold & expanding market, Dhyana's experienced R&D team is capable to help based on your expectation. In last few years, our R&D team had already made excellent works for OEM/ODM requests.
Trading & transportation support
Shenzhen Dhyana has two excellent sales teams, one for domestic market, while the other for oversea business. The professional teams would make suggestion to you the suitable products to buy, the best way to sell & the economical way to transport. Don't need to worry about the aftersales service of Shenzhen Dhyana, you will find interesting in working with us.
  Comprehensive Physical Supports for sellers (Free/Low cost)
Demostration Cabinet
In the forefront of your market, you probably need a aggressive and impressive media who can bear your identification. Demonstration Cabinet is one of the significant tools that Dhyana successfully occupy people's recognization. In most of Dhyana's chain stores, such a cabinet was displayed to recall people's memory.
1. Display Logo/Trademark on top.
2. Demonstrate speaker's performance with Products or without performance.
3. Have a lot of space for displaying products.
  Sample collection
A professional sample collection is the best way to introduce the products quickly to your clients. With that actual products, people could exactly feel what you are talking about.
  Demonstration Car Model
Showing a Break-Up car model with fully applying of the products is the best instruction to make people understand what & how to DIY a luxury car. In many shows and chain stores, Dhyana provides such a sales tool for people understanding of car sound deadeners.
These are always needed by people initial studies.
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