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Car sound deadening is not a single-material project but need comprehensive resources to make. Right here, you can find kinds of professionally developed materials for the acoustic environment improvement in your car...
2 pcs in pack 4 pcs in pack 5 pcs in pack 9 pcs in pack 1 pcs in pack
300mm*310mm*1.8mm 1000mm*310mm*1.8mm 820mm*460mm*1.8mm 820mm*460mm*1.8mm 820mm*460mm*1.8mm
0.186m2/2ft2 1.24m2/13.35ft2 1.88m2/20.30ft2 3.40m2/36.55ft2 0.38m2/4.06ft2
Features of AceMat:
1. Proper Flexibility & well adaptability of butyl rubber. Only with well flexibility, the rubber could preserve well adhesive. With good adaptability to temperature that the product would not easily get soft in warmer condition so to decline its deadening performance, nor easily get hard in cooler one that weaken adhesiveness and cause peel-off.
2. Harmlessness to human health & interior environment in car. With special formulation developed by Dhyana, the traditional stuffing of harmful asphalt is totally out of compositions of the product. As asphalt acts bad to human health, even worse in warm temperatures. However, AceMat is allowed to stay long with pregnant woman & baby in any conditions.
3. Smelllessness of the butyl rubber. One of the significant factors to distinguish good quality rubber is smelllessness. AceMat would not release any smell to damage the interior environment in your car.
4. Special finishing of aluminum foil. The color blue finishing on the product is identification of AceMat in worldwide range. It is made by professional craftwork and never chips off in any conditions. This finishing is able to prevent the AL oxidized, as oxidized AL foil would release bad elements to human health & environment, too. What's more, unique looking always a help for sales.
        1 pcs in pack 1 pcs in pack 1 pcs in pack    
  812mm*1400mm*15mm 500mm*860mm*10mm 500mm*1000mm*10mm  
     1.14m2/ 12.26ft2 0.43m2/ 4.63ft2 0.50m2/ 5.38ft2    
HOODLINER (#30115): It is of reasonable density to eliminate low-frequency noises. It uses the special pressure-sensitive adhesive which generally used for aviation. The adhesive is adaptable to different temperatures. What's more, the laminated strengthening strips make the product in better tensity for performance.
ACELINER (#30135): This is best material used for insulate low-frequency noise. As it has a constraint layer of lead laminated in the product.
DNLINER (#30127): This is complementary product to ACELINER that some district/country not allow product of lead component.
2 pcs in pack 12 Cans in Carton 45mm x10m (length) 160mm*130mm*10mm  
154mm*154mm*6.35mm 1000mL/can      
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