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Some of music lovers always expect more music & bass in their car. Many of them choose to put money upgrade their physical audio systems in car. Anyway, before having the expensive devices, people better think about using CAR SOUND DEADENERS to improving the acoustic environment perfect & stable to preserve more music and SPL. Make your car a perfect music box...
If you expect to hear good quality music in your car, you must deal with the doors at first. Two ways that car doors would disrupt the acoustical environment in your car. Conduction of noises never let your car quiet enough to have more music. Vibrational Panels could never be a perfect condition for speakers, and they could never produce the best quality sound, a lot acoustical energy lost due to mechanical resonances.
Purpose 1: Block down the noise penetrating in.
#40135 Door Kit, #30135 AceXorter,
4 pcs in pack, 2 pc in pack,
1000mm310mm, 154mm154mm
1.24O/ 13.38 ft^2 Thickness 6.35mm
Purpose 2: Stabilize door panels for better working condition of speakers.
Purpose 3: Eliminate the back sound wave distortion of speaker.
Recommandation: AceMat (Door Kit) & AceXorter
Stick AceMat on the panels of door enclosure. Install AceXorter to the back of the speaker on door.
Trunk is always the base where stereo system locating, you need to seal up the trunk enclosure fully to have more Sound Pressure Level (SPL), SPL increase means music in bigger volume and more powerful bass.
Purpose 1: Stop resonance & vibration of the panels of Trunk.
#40105 Trunk Kit, #30127 DNLiner,
5 pcs in pack, 500mm1000mm,
460mm820mm, 0.43O/ 4.63ft^2
1.88O/ 20.30 ft^2
Purpose 2: Block down noises penetrating through trunk.
Purpose 3: Improve the acoustic environment to have more SPL.
Recommandation: AceMat (Trunk Kit) & DNLiner
Stick AceMat as primary layer. Put DNLiner on AceMat.
If you are not willing to make big modification on whole doors, you may choose this economic solution which made for improving working condition to speakers on door only.
Purpose 1: Hold vibrations of area around speakers on door.
#40115 Speaker Kit,2 pcs in pack,
300mm310mm 0.186O/2.00 ft^2 in all
Recommandation: AceMat (Speaker Kit)
Stick on AceMat around speakers.
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