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To have a more enjoyable drive environment, most of people choose to spend much money to buy a better & more expensive car. Anyway, do you ever think about to make yourself a luxury car with CAR SOUND DEADENERS before spending that amount of money in changing your car? How to do? Follow these...
Comparing to common cars, a luxury car is outstanding in below points:
1. Quiet drive environment that out of much noise.
2. Stable running that without much vibration.
3. Less thermal energy contributing to unpleasant drive.
4. Thicker & strengthened car panels for safety property.
Engine is always the source of crazy noises which hurt your hearing and damage the quietness of drive environment. Whats more, with long time influence, heat from engine would damage the paint of panels and shorten the lifespan of hood.
Purpose 1: Block down most of noises passing through the engine hood.
# 40125 Mini Pack, 1 pc in pack,
820mm460mm (0.370O/ 4.06ft^2)
#30115 Hoodliner, 1 pcs in pack,
812mm1400mm, 1.14O/ 12.26ft^2 in all
Purpose 2: Block down & reflect the heat radiation from the engine.
Purpose 3: Protect the paint of hood well from baking by engine.
Recommandation: AceMat (Mini Pack) & Hoodliner .
Stick AceMat as primary layer. Put HoodLiner on AceMat as second layer.
With many gaps, car doors are the main points, where noises, like road noise, wind noise & engine roar, etcget penetrating in to damage the cosmos of drive environment. What's more, the speakers never meet the best conditions for working due to the vibrations of panels during driving.
Purpose 1: Block down noises penetrating in from car door openings.
#40135 Door Kit,4 pcs in pack,
1000mm310mm, 1.24O/ 13.38 ft^2 in all
Purpose 2: Improve sound effect of speakers on door.
Purpose 3: Strengthen the panels for safety.
Recommandation: AceMat (Door Kit)
Stick AceMat on panels of door enclosure and seal up all the gaps on doors.
Flimsy floor in carriage is another way road noise & engine noise gets penetrating in, together with vibration, would never let people feel stable & comfortable in car. More, heat released by the engine and vent pipes could get through the firewall & floor easily, making bottom part where your foot always feel hot.
Purpose 1: Stop resonance & vibration of the panels of floor.
#40155 Bulk Pack # 30135 AceLiner  
9 pcs in pack, 1 pc in pack,
820mm460mm, 500mm860mm,
3.4O/ 36.55 ft^2 0.43O/ 4.63 ft^2  
Purpose 2: Block down noise penetrating from floor.
Purpose 3: Block down heat for a cool drive.
Purpose 4: Strengthen the panels for safety.
Recommandation: AceMat & AceLiner
Stick AceMat on the panels of carriage floor as primary layer. Put AceLiner on AceMat.
Trunk is the third place where noises mainly get penetrating in. Quiet and stable trunk distinguishes the cosiness of luxury car from cheap cars.
Purpose 1: Stop resonance & vibration of the panels of Trunk.
#40105 Trunk Kit, # 30127 DNLiner,  
5 pcs in pack, 500mm1000mm,
460mm820mm, 0.43O/ 4.63ft^2
1.88O/ 20.30 ft^2    
Purpose 2: Block down noises penetrating through trunk.
Recommandation: AceMat (Trunk Kit) & DNLiner
Stick AceMat on the panels of trunk as primary layer. Put DNLiner on AceMat.
Roof is important structure of car, on the other hand,it is the most common conductor who passing in wind noises and thermal energy of sunshine.
Purpose 1: Block down noises penetrating through the roof panel.
# 40125 Mini Pack, # 30127 DNLiner,  
1 pcs in pack, 500mm1000mm,
820mm460mm, 0.43O/4.63 ft^2
(0.370O/ 4.06ft^2)  
Purpose 2: Block down heat getting it.
Recommandation: AceMat (Mini Pack) & DNLiner
Stick AceMat on the panels of roof as primary layer. Stick DNLiner on AceMat.
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