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  • AceMat
    AceMat is primary and excellent sound deadening product to auto's acoustic environment improvement. It is composited of a special formulated Butyl layer with excellent flexibility, and a constrained aluminum back. The Butyl rubber can effectively interchange the energy from vibrations to other formats (as heat). Meanwhile, under the restraint by the aluminum foil, vibrating and noises can be effectively blocked down from passing into the interior car environment. On the other hand less noise penetration means less acoustic energy escape from car. Your car will obviously have more bass and volume.

    Beside above, AceMat is also a great barrier to unwanted heat and solidify your car structure.

    It is very important for car sound deadening products to be with any special smell, that is irritation to human health and skin. They will accompany with the car permanently once them stuck on.

    Dhyana's AceMat is totally out of any smell, preserving the interior air condition stay good of your car.
  • What are the features of AceMat than other common deadeners?
  • 1. Special Aluminum Foil.
    2. Unique formulated butyl rubber.
    3. No strange smell produced.
    4. Well flexibility.
    5. Durable to sharp temperature variations.
    6. Long lifespan.
  • Caution:
  • 1. This product is not allowed to stick on the over-heat sources and parts, such as Engine,Radiator, and Exhausts etc. Make sure installation is 15cm away from them..
    2. Take care not to get stains of the gummy material to car.
    3. Dhyana is not responsible to consequences caused by improper operations.
  • You may choose these Customized Kits:
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